5 Publishing OER

Using Existing OER Textbooks

There are many existing OER textbooks that can be used and adapted for various subject matter.

To search for OERs to use or adapt, here are a few “best bet” sites:

OER Commons
OpenStax Textbooks
Open Textbook Library

For more information related to finding OERs relevant to your subject area, contact Catherine Fraser Riehle, catherine.riehle@unl.edu at the University Libraries. Libraries OER website

Using Canvas

If you have materials that you can use in Canvas you can contact Julia Remsik Larsen at jremsiklarsen2@unl.edu at the Center for Transformative Teaching

Using Pressbooks

If you are interested in publishing your own material, Pressbooks is a free tool to all faculty, staff and students due to UNL’s membership in Unizin. This is an online publishing application for creating educational materials for a course.

This Canvas course has Pressbooks training: https://canvas.unl.edu/courses/72751

If you have questions about using Pressbooks you can contact Brad Severa at bsevera@nebraska.edu



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