26 Can You Buy Prescription Sunglasses That Are Polarized?

Polarized sunglasses created just like your prescription eyeglasses can be a game-changer for many of us. If polarization is added to your sunglasses, it will become a really powerful and special pair of glasses. But is a combination of this kind even available in real life?

Well, for those who are not quite aware, we have got some really good news.

We all know that we can add our prescription to sunglasses to get the regular benefits of your specs and sunglasses combined in a single pair. But you can even opt for prescription sunspecs with polarization to go the extra mile.

Polarized prescription sunglasses for real?

Yes, your bi-focal, single-vision, or varifocal prescription sunglasses can be polarized, adding a secondary benefit to an already existing pair of shades. Polarization is the secondary benefit to any sunglasses whose primary function is to offer an additional layer of UV protection. However, that is not true since the benefit of polarization lies elsewhere.

Investing in a good pair of non-polarized sunglasses is enough to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays. But polarization is added to sunglasses to help reduce the negative effects of glare. Besides, polarized lenses are considered superior since they offer smooth and consistent performance in varying light conditions. Adding polarization to your prescription sunglasses makes them well-equipped for glare reduction, which is a bonus!

So polarized prescription sunglasses are quite the package – they will not only correct your eyesight but also safeguard your eyes and minimize the glare of the sun.

How does polarization help?

Polarization adds a filter to the lens, which helps cut down the glare reflected from very shiny and flat surfaces such as cars, water, or buildings. It basically filters sunrays based on the angle that hits the lens, thereby reducing eye strain and enhancing visual comfort and clarity.

The painfully bright glare during the day at the beach might make your eyes sore. But when you wear polarized prescription sunspecs, you no longer feel that glare anymore. This makes polarized sunglasses especially suitable during hiking, driving, skiing, fishing, and hillwalking, as it helps beat eye fatigue.

Do polarized lenses appear darker than usual?

Since polarization helps block out the glare of sunlight, these lenses essentially allow less light to pass through them. So, based on the tint, adding polarization can make them appear slightly darker compared to non-polarized lenses.

The darkness or tint of sunglasses can be categorized into five levels, from 0 to 4. A tint category of 2 or 3 should be ideal for a solid pair of polarized prescription sunglasses since it is neither too light nor too dark.

Are polarized prescription sunglasses worth it?

Polarized sunglasses are generally more expensive than non-polarized ones. But you can consider it a safe investment when you are bound to spend long hours out in open harsh daylight regularly, walking, working, driving, or playing some sports. You will be confident knowing that optical fatigue will be minimal and visual acuity will be maximum when you are wearing polarized prescription sunglasses.


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