16 Showcase Your Product with Using Countertop Display Boxes

When a brand introduces a new product, it must promote it using advanced packaging approaches. To provide immense recognition to the product, brands use them in innovative ways and evaluate the trend that is prevailing in the market. Meanwhile, they search for the perfect way of marketing your product.

The answer is explicit: your market smut is intended to grab customers’ attention in seconds and compel them to buy the items. In this regard, product manufacturers run marketing and branding campaigns via online platforms to boost and focus on product overview. To make an enticing presentation of products, brands use countertop display boxes with robust quality material to showcase the products.

Why Does Display Packaging Need Customization?

It is the dream of every retailer and manufacturer to uplift the product’s fame by using unique presentation encasements. According to Meyers, 72% of customers say that packaging forces them to buy a product, and around 67% say quality box materials inspire them to buy the product. It is pretty evident that businesses choose suitable quality materials and artwork to construct precision display packaging boxes.

As a product manufacturer, they need single and multiple showcase packaging to present the precious product in luxury products. Additionally, custom countertop display boxes have brand details and unique graphics, which the brand owner chooses according to the theme and value. Let’s see the benefits of custom-made display packaging cases for a brand.

Advantages of Custom-Made Counter Boxes for Business

Brands acquire numerous benefits from the stunning spectacle of products with high-end packaging solutions. Firstly, they provide a tailored solution that accurately fits the product and organizes the product appealingly. Secondly, customized display packaging escalates brand recognition and reinforces product identity.

Thirdly, customized packaging drives sales through a spellbinding glimpse of the product. Overall, counter boxes have pivotal product presentation, brand image, and business success. Let’s see how businesses select packaging boxes that stand out in the pool of competitors.

Selection of Rigid Material- Make Them Robust to Bear Product Weight

Businesses need durable and robust quality packaging to present products engagingly. Packaging brands use robust, sturdier material that does not bend and fold afterward, placing the product for showcasing. They offer a variety of materials for presentation packaging to make them up-to-the-mark and durable to bear the weight of products.

  • Cardboard

  • Rigid

  • Corrugated

  • Kraft

The thickness and points of stock may increase according to product demand and the brand packaging budget. The increment of material points and lbs. enhances the safety level of your products. Moreover, the material used for appealing display packaging must be recyclable to promote sustainable packaging solutions and be approved by authorized institutes.

Engage Customers Choose Illustration and Graphics

No matter whether brands use single product packages or buy countertop product packaging, it must be fascinating and endearing for our customers. In this regard, packaging brands hire packaging designers and explain their brand value and theme to create tremendous artwork that forces your audiences to turn their heads and buy the product.

In retail markets, counters always have a crowd to receive consumer’s payments and sell stuff to convert them from POP (place of purchase) to POS (place of sale). For this purpose, retail shelf products need fascinating and artistically designed packaging for display products.

Intricate designs, mascots, characters, and illustrated artwork enthrall your product display. Brands pick the design patterns according to the need, either going for vibrant colors and bold designs or playing with pastels to draw customers’ attention. Here are some tips that are helpful for our customers to draw mesmerizing artwork visuals to seek customers’ attention.

  • Don’t overload the box with complex designs

  • Create balance in outside and inside packaging designs

  • Be careful to choose colors

  • Organize content on packaging innovatively

  • Locate the logo in the center of the box

  • White mists and pastels for alluring demonstration

Fence and Punch Partitions to Organize Products

Product safety while showcasing them became the primary responsibility of manufacturers, so they designed the packaging with additional security material. By using punch partitions and fences in countertop display boxes, you can save your fragile glass jars and tubes from cracking or leakage. These partitions may be generated by packaging suppliers with cardboard and corrugated material according to the number of product pieces that a company wants present in individual boxes.

For example, the cosmetic seller wants to showcase 12-24 pieces of lip gloss jars, so they buy front cutout boxes with punch trays and partitions to keep their product safe. Similarly, if a bakery wants to showcase its chocolates, it will buy a custom tray to present to customers without any hassle or chaos.

For Perfect Product Manifestation- Choose the Right Size

Imagine that if you put all your perfume testers in baskets and customers choose their bottles by hand searching, it poses a threat to breakage and leakage of precious bottles. Therefore, packaging industries innovate custom sizes of countertop packaging that perfectly place your products and keep them safe.

Moreover, customers get a glimpse of the product before buying it. Only using display packaging for tiny products is not mandatory; it’s time to think out of the box and use it for bottles, cans, toys, jewelry, and many other products according to the business niche.

Unique Styles and Shapes That Fit To Engage Customers

Presenting precious and sensitive items in durable and secure packaging boxes is an art, and brands need to learn to grab the audience’s attention. These unique styles and shapes force you to escalate the brand image and present your products esthetically in front of target audiences. Astonishing styles of presentation packaging add a vigorous element to the presentation. There are some shapes that you may use to display the product tremendously.

  • Four corner box with display tab and partition

  • Dispenser box with perforation

  • 4-corner with display lid

  • Front cutout display boxes

  • Easel display boxes

  • Custom shelf-ready display boxes

  • Five-panel hanger box

  • Pop-counter display tray

  • Self-lock display tray

  • Side lock tuck-top display

Escalate Brand Recognition: Print Authentic Information

Display packaging isn’t only for showcasing products; it bestows brand recognition to the brand and makes them adorable for customers. On this subject, brands need to print brand names, logos, and taglines on the packaging box for the spectacle of the vision of the brand for target audiences.

When your display packaging provides brand details for customer awareness, it works as a powerful tool for branding. Custom Boxes Only has a team of experts and professionals who ensure the exact printing of content on the box for the customer’s ease.

Power Packaging with Vibrant Colors

A simple white display box cannot attract customers for a long distance, as compared to vibrant colors screaming to gain customers’ attention. Once you finalize the color combination for the brand theme, you can place the order for countertop display packaging wholesale at market-leading prices. Packaging brands print your desired packaging box with CMYK and PMS color models to print with exact custom colors for brand recognition.

Add-on for Fine Finishing of Your Product

After choosing all the meticulous aspects of packaging, you need to add finishing options to uplift the worth of the product. Advanced printing options alluded to different possibilities for printed countertop display packaging to make them enthralling. Let’s see some additional options that can easily be applied to your packaging boxes for a gleaming glimpse of products.

Foil Stamping- The application of foil stamping makes your product shiny and luminous to grab your audience’s attention. The colors may be changed by boxes and bag suppliers according to the product need, from gold, silver, and rose gold for your aesthetic view of the goods.

Textures: It gives a tactile effect to the packaging box material with an embossed and debossing look. Brands use these textures with foiling and colors for fabulous product presentations.

Lamination: It is a thin PVC layer that is applied to the cardstock to protect it from damage and moisture. Also, it comes in different types like pearl, soft touch, matte, and gloss forms for an incredible packaging view.

Don’t Forget Environment-Conscious Customers

Always choose recyclable material for the production of packaging boxes for the effortless manifestation of your product. For this purpose, brands use Kraft and cardboard-made packaging boxes; they can easily recycle and biodegrade in the soil without taking too much time for plastic. Using green packaging boxes, you win the hearts of 60% of consumers who want to purchase the product, which is presented in recyclable cardstock boxes or wrappings, according to McKinsey & Company.

Finding Reliable Packaging Designers

Now, we know how a business can create titillating and eye-seeking packaging for their products. Afterward, the industry requires trustworthy packaging suppliers for reliable product boxes to implement all the discussions. Therefore, they find search engines to find the best and top-ranked packaging brands with positive customer reviews to buy packaging. Also, before booking the printing of bulk countertop display boxes, they must contact their customer support services for satisfaction.

CBO brings innovative and high-end packaging solutions for their customers at market-leading prices. And they have a committed team of designers who help customers to choose the perfect design for product packaging after confirming their order.

The Bottom Line of the Write-up

In nut-shell, countertop display boxes assist brands in making their place in the industry and engaging customers to buy their products. Therefore, product manufacturers need to pay attention while choosing perfect and unique display packaging to present their products in the retail market. Thus, brands use quality material, colors, designs, add-ons, styles, and unique content for precision packaging boxes.


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