Bess Beetle Notebook

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Facts About Bess Beetles

Bess beetles like to be in an environment.

Bess beetles makes sounds called                                                                                          .

Bess beetles like to eat                                                                                           .

Bess beetles appear to be                                                                                               .


An interesting fact about bess beetles is                                                                                                .






Morphology of Bess Beetles

Draw a scientific picture of a Bess Beetle. First sketch the beetle with a pencil. Then color it in using colored pencils. Be sure to label the head, thorax, abdomen, wings, legs, eyes, and antenna. Label any other parts discovered. Questions that might help the drawing are: What is the shape of its body? Where is each part located? How many antenna, wings and legs do they have? What is the color for each part?












Bess Beetles Behavior

While working on the investigation, observe the bess beetle’s behavior. Write a paragraph describing the behaviors of the bess beetle. If needed include a picture to help illustrate the behavior. Questions that might help guide answers; What direction does it walk? How does it walk? Can it crawl up the side of the cup? Is it trying to do something?










The Scientific Method

The scientific method is a process that scientist use to explore observations and answer questions.




Bess Beetles Food Preference

My hypothesis is                                                                                                           .

Use the chart below as a reference to the type of wood used in the experiment.

image(Plant/Vegetation Information,





Bess Beetle Data Sheet

Fill in this data table below after measuring the weight of each sample. Keep an accurate log of your fighting over the course of the experiment.

The Wood


Weight (g)

Amount of Beetles

Beetle Behavior

The Wood


Weight (g)

Amount of Beetles

Beetle Behavior



Bess Beetle Graph

Graph your data on the chart below. Plot the sample weight and the date. Make sure to label each axes. Make one line for each sample and chose a different color for each line. Make a legend to label which color corresponds with which sample.


Bess Beetle Scientific Poster

Create a scientific poster to illustrate your groups findings. Make sure the poster has a title, hypothesis, important facts, materials, procedure, results (included the graph), variables that may have affected the experiment outcome and a conclusion. Include any interesting information learned while investigation the bess beetles. The conclusion should discuss the importance of the bess beetle to the environment. Make sure that the poster is easily readable and demonstrated excellent work. Use the space below for a draft before making the final product.











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