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Nebraska Professional and Occupational Licensure:  172 NAC 94 (

More Sample agreements

Sample Agreement with Supervisee Expectations, by Issy Kleiman, MA, LMFT

Social Work Supervision Contract from the Virginia Department of Health Professions, Board of Social Work
Supervision Agreement, by Robin Friedman, LCSW
Counseling Supervision Contract, from Hopeful Counseling, LLC
MFT Supervision Contract, from Foundationsoft
Sample Supervision Contract, from County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Sciences

more competency and goal examples

Supervision Goals Example (p. 2-3) from Saskatchewan College of Psychologists
Australian sample agreement (p. 1) adapted from Queensland Centre of Mental Health Learning by McNamara
Nova Scotia Example Goals (very long, but good) from the Nova Scotia Board of Examiner in Psychology


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