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Author’s note: Supervision in Nebraska

Supervision is required for Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioners (PLMHP) or Provisionally Certified Master Social Workers (PCMSW) in Nebraska. Unlike some surrounding states, Nebraska only licenses at the clinical level and offers associated certifications.  Licensure in Nebraska follows a composite licensure framework, meaning many disciplines, such as social work, counseling, marriage, and family therapy, etc., may be eligible for the same license type. Supervisors and supervisees are encouraged to view the Nebraska Health and Human Service, Mental Health, and Social Work Practice webpage and contact state licensing officials with any questions. Please note: the information in this guidebook is for supervision best-practice reference purposes. Much of the information provided in this guidebook is not required in Nebraska.

What is supervision?

Clinical supervision is its own process, with its own theories, methods, and research. In Nebraska,  172 NAC 94.009.01 defines general supervision as a process that is distinguishable from personal psychotherapy, consultation, or didactic instruction, which focuses on raw data from the supervisee’s clinical work and includes: discussing ethics; discussing the supervisee’s cases; evaluating the supervisee; and providing the supervisee with oversight and guidance.

Why do we do it?

The purpose of supervision is to provide the supervisee with guidance on client safety and care, accomplished in the present by having more experienced eyes on the supervisee’s caseload. Quality client care is achieved through the careful development of the supervisee into a competent, independent professional. High-quality client care should remain in mind for both supervisor and supervisee throughout the supervision process.



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