97 Get Your Book into Google and Nook

Pressbooks files are suitable for distribution in all the major ebookstores.

With Barnes and Noble being the world’s largest bookstore, you may want your book available to your audience through its Nook e-reader. And with Google Play serving mobile readers in the Android market, it’s another channel worth utilizing.

This chapter will explain:

  • How to prepare your files for submission to the Nook and Google book stores
  • How to submit your book for publication on the Nook and Google book platforms

1. Ready Your Files for Submission

  • Upgrade your book to remove the Pressbooks promotional watermark.
  • Export your finished book as an ebook.
  • Download the Epub version of your exported ebook files.

2. Submitting Your Book to Nook

Nook Press home page
Nook Press home page
  • Go to https://www.nookpress.com
  • Create an account.
  • You’ll be sent an email to confirm your account.
  • Upload your EPUB manuscript file.
Upload manuscript on Nook
Upload manuscript on Nook
  • Upload your cover image.
  • Upload the requested information about your book (title, description, etc.).
Upload your book details
Upload your book details
  • Set up your vendor account (you will need to enter your contact information, publisher information, bank account and tax information).
  • On the top menu, click on Projects to get to the dashboard. Here you can publish, unpublish or update your books. You can also add new books.
Nook publishing dashboard
Nook publishing dashboard

3. How to Publish Your Book on Google

Google offers a step-by-step guide to the Google Books publishing process. We offer a condensed summary here:

  • Create a Google Books Partner account at books.google.com/partner then sign into it. 
  • Create your payment profile and specify sales territories on the Books Partner Center home screen.
Google Books Partner Center
Google Books Partner Center
  • Click on Add Books, then Upload Books.
  • Launch the Google uploader. 
  • Upload your EPUB file. 
  • Add your book information.
  • Complete your upload.
  • Google offers more detailed instructions if you need them.


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