Inclusive Access (IA)

Inclusive Access (IA) is a program that provides lower cost textbooks to students at UNL. Textbook costs can be reduced by as much as 80%. This program achieves its cost savings to students by having a course sign up for the program and opting all students in to the textbook purchase.

Your textbook will be available in your Canvas course on day-one of the class. You will be charged for the cost of the textbook on your student account bill. You have the option to opt out of the purchase at the beginning of the course. If you opt out before the deadline you will not be charged for the text and you will not have access to the Canvas textbook after the deadline passes.

If a student adds a course using an inclusive access textbook after the deadline has passed they will not be able to purchase the text at the discounted price.

Student Account would like to remind students that these charges appear on their consolidated student account bill, and will be billed by our office.  Since students are given until Census Date to opt out, the charges will appear after census date, and most likely after they have made their first payment, so it is important to watch their student account for new charges each month.  More information about student billing can be found at

There are two programs for IA at UNL they are:

1. Follett Access: A program through the Campus Bookstore.

2. Unizin Engage: A program available through the UNL’s Unizin Membership.

Both programs are integrated into Canvas. Links to your textbook will be available to you in any course that used one of these programs.


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