5 Unizin Engage e-Reader Option

The Unizin e-Reader will be changing to a Redshelf e-Reader this summer, 2022.
This page will be updated as more details become available. 

If you will be using only an e-text then you just need to add the Unizin Engage tool to the Canvas navigation menu.
To see how to add these to the navigation menu: Canvas Navigation Links

Some features when using an e-text in Engage:
Add Annotations
Engage Analytics
Printing Materials
For more information on using a textbook in the

Engage e-reader go to Help for Instructors Unizin help page.


You will need to login using your Canvas credentials for Unizin. Once you do you will not have to login again.

Students can click on this link to access the e-text with the Engage e-reader.

The first time they use it they may need to login with their Canvas credentials. After that they will not need to login.

Once they are logged in they will have access to the e-text, and any other e-texts they may have in other courses.


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