Unizin Engage Program

Unizin Engage

Unizin Engage is the inclusive access program that is available through the membership UNL has with Unizin.

This program is not affiliated with the Follett Bookstore Inclusive Access program.

You may order textbooks through the Unizin Order Tool here: https://unl.ordertool.prod.unizin.org
You will need to login using your Canvas credentials.

To use Unizin Engage in your course you have different options depending on the type of content and the publisher.

It is important to note that all Unizin Engage eTexts are available to students as long as they are enrolled at UNL. Textbooks with courseware does not qualify for this, these are designated in Unizin Engage as DLT (Digital Learning Tools & Courseware) texts. If a student purchases a DLT for a course and has to retake that course later they will have to purchase the DLT text again. Only texts designated as eText in Unizin Engage are accessible to a student as long as they are enrolled at UNL.

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Ordering Unizin Engage Textbooks

Unizin Engage eText Option

Unizin Engage Publisher Option

Engage Opt Out for Textbook Purchases


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