Open Nebraska (ONE) Course Marking Process

Students are able to search for which classes are a part of Open Nebraska as they select and register for specific course sections. Students can see free course material options designated within Open Nebraska, and can also see which courses utilize digital course materials that are offered at lower cost than retail. This includes Inclusive Access titles and any Open Educational Resources (OER) materials offered in a course.

Inclusive Access materials are managed through the Campus Bookstore or the Unizin Engage programs and will be automatically marked. Instructors or departments do not need to submit a request for a course using these materials for them to be added.

Instructors or departments who want to have OER materials added to Open Nebraska can use this Go URL: to submit a request to the Registrar’s Office.

For maximum student visibility during the class search and registration process instructors or their representatives, should submit this form for the upcoming term by these dates: Fall- March 1, Spring- October 1, and Summer- February 15. Marking a course with OER attributes with this form will transfer to the same class and section in future semesters.  Instructors or their representatives only need to use this form to mark all their courses once. 

Course Attributes:

No Cost Materials
Course materials are included at no additional cost to the student. No book purchase is required.

Low Cost Materials
Course materials for this course cost students less than $40.

Reduced Cost Materials
Course materials for this course cost students more than $40, but less than the original retail price.

Students can see the Open Nebraska Options under Class Attributes in MyRed while doing a Class Search. Here is a link to the page in the Student Guide to Inclusive Access that shows them how to search for courses under the Open Nebraska program. Open Nebraska in MyRed.





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