15 MySurveys and EvaluationKIT Overview

MySurveys is an on-line course evaluation service for colleges, departments, and programs of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Students can take course evaluations on-line via a Canvas course page, a web page from an e-mail link, or a mobile app. Instructors, teaching assistants, department staff, college leaders, and other administrators all have roles and can perform various tasks in the system. General surveys independent of courses are also available.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln has chosen EvaluationKIT by Watermark as the platform for course evaluation delivery. EvaluationKIT is a robust, flexible, and adaptable tool capable of delivering anytime, anywhere course evaluations for students.

For questions/issues submit a ticket at : https://its.unl.edu/evaluation-kit-support-request/

User Roles


Students have the most important role of all–completing the course evaluations! Rating and comment questions completed by students have a substantive impact on such areas as course instruction, curriculum design, teaching improvement and instructor performance reviews.

For more information, see https://mysurveys.unl.edu/student.


Instructors play an active part throughout the course evaluation deployment process. Before evaluations are deployed, instructors will help to ensure course data accuracy, and have the option to add custom questions to the deployed survey. During course evaluations, instructors will be monitoring response rates and encouraging students to complete their evaluations. After the course evaluations have been completed and the term is over, instructors will be able to access, process, and share result reports.

For more information, see https://mysurveys.unl.edu/instructor.

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants can access features on EvaluationKIT to assist the instructor in deploying evaluations. Assisting an instructor may look like researching issues in the Help Center on EvaluationKIT, creating a general survey project for students, viewing course reports, or building and generating result reports.

For more information, see https://mysurveys.unl.edu/teaching-assistant.

Department Admin

Department Administrators (DA)will be vital for managing course evaluations so that they are deployed properly and accurately. The DA will act as a liaison to communicate information between instructors and the EvaluationKIT Administrators, and will create department-specific surveys for course evaluations. During course evaluation deployment, DAs will be able to monitor response rates and encourage instructors to increase response rates. After deployment, DAs will have the tools to build and share reports with instructors and other administrators.

For more information, see https://mysurveys.unl.edu/department-admin.

Reporting Admin

Reporting Administrators will have access to view course evaluation results and generate reports after course evaluations have ended. Reporting Admins will be able to develop and edit reports using the Report Builder function, share reports, and give feedback on results to instructors and department administrators.

For more information, see https://mysurveys.unl.edu/reporting-admin.



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