2 Common Canvas FAQs

Student Questions

I don’t see my course listed

  • Perhaps your instructor hasn’t published the course yet. Courses are Unpublished by default.  Contact your instructor if you need access or have questions.
  • You accidentally set your course to not display in your dashboard.
    • Click “Courses” in the left gray navigation panel – Select “All Courses”.
    • Click the star next to the course name to “favorite” the course to appear in the dashboard from now on.
  • You just registered a few hours ago.  Data feeds don’t happen immediately. Try waiting up to 24 hours.

I can’t access Canvas

  • Have you claimed your ID in TrueYou?
    • You must claim your TrueYou Identity and establish a password first to verify your account.
    • Wait up to 24 hours. Registration data occurs 3 times a day. It could take up to 24 hours before the course you registered for appears in Canvas.
    • I forgot my password
      • Select the “Forgot Password” link on TrueYou

I’m not receiving email from my Canvas course

Instructor Questions

When will my course for next semester be available?

  • Next semester courses usually appear when registration opens for that semester.

I accidentally deleted a document or assignment

  • Any document, assignment, etc. can be restored in a Canvas course along with any associated grades or assignment submissions. Canvas never really deletes anything and these things can be recovered easily.
    Simply go to your course and select “Home”. From this menu, type the word “undelete” at the end of the URL.
    Simply select the “Restore” option next to the item(s) that you want to restore. If it’s an assignment, all associated grades should come back into the gradebook.

A student can’t view my documents

I’d like to merge sections so that I only have to post materials in one Canvas course

  • You can request this be done by submitting a ticket to the UNL support team. (Also found in the Canvas Help menu)
  • You can merge your courses without submitting a support ticket by going to the Canvas Help Menu and choosing the UNL Canvas Utilities Link.   You may also go directly to the site by typing https://its-lmsutilities.unl.edu/. You will use your DUO credentials to login.  A video tutorial about how to use the site can be found at this link.
  •  Courses should be merged before the semester starts in order to not lose materials or grades.

I’d like a practice course (sandbox) to prepare for my teaching

  • Submit a ticket to the UNL Canvas team. Sandboxes are only for academic purpose and student learning.
  • You may also create a sandbox without submitting a ticket by using the LMS Utilities site by logging into https://its-lmsutilities.unl.edu/.  You will use your DUO Credentials to login.  A video tutorial about how to use the site can be found at this link.

I’d like to add a TA or instructor to a course

  • Teachers and students are added by the office of Registrar/PeopleSoft.

Additional Support options

Support from Canvas

The Help Button in the bottom of the gray navigation panel offers several support options if you are having trouble.

Some of these support options include:

  • Live Chat 24/7
  • Phone support
  • Searchable Guides
  • Submit a ticket to the UNL Canvas team



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