10 UNL Academic Video (YuJa)

UNL Academic Video is provided by YuJa

This is the video streaming and lecture capture system used by the University of Nebraska. The service is available to instructors and students at UNL. The primary way to access the UNL Academic Video service is via Canvas as the service is for academic courses for credit at the University of Nebraska. YuJa can also be accessed via http://unl.yuja.com/Login

Non-Academic videos should not be stored on the YuJa service.
Professional closed captioning is currently available only to accommodation requests from the Office of Service for Students with Disabilities.



  1. Visit unl.yuja.com and choose University of Nebraska-Lincoln Single Sign On.
  2. You will be redirected to sign in using your UNL credentials.
  3. Enter your UNL credentials, a YuJa account will be created for you and you will be taken to your home page.


  1. Log in to your Canvas account.
  2. Access a course in which you’d like to use YuJa video content.
  3. Click on the YuJa LTI in the sidebar to access your YuJa account.


If you have further questions please contact the Canvas Team at collaborate@nebraska.edu 


UNL Academic Video features:

  • All-in-one video experience to securely create, manage, discover, collaborate, and live stream video content across any device
  • Upload content effortlessly with one-click “drop” uploads
  • Desktop application and browser recording functions
  • Support a wide variety of media formats including MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, QT, MP3, M4V, PDF, JPG, and hundreds more.
  • All videos created or uploaded by faculty/staff are automatically machine captioned at 90-95% accuracy
  • Full service 99% ADA compliant closed captioning completed by 3rd party captioning services
  • Ability to create recording profiles to streamline the set-up process in prep for recording
  • Robust video editing capabilities
  • Multiple video source recording
  • Variety of screen capture options
  • Ability to embed engagement content directly into YouTube videos
  • Choose the area of the screen you want to capture
  • Better manage permissions for specific groups
  • Multi-Stream video playback and interactivity
  • Track user engagement with detailed analytics capabilities
  • Create engaging and interactive video quizzes to measure and track retention.
  • Audience engagement features include video quizzing, note-taking, bookmarking, social learning and comment, and full search-inside video capabilities


Video captioning service for UNL Campus: 


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