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Zoom is a cloud-based, web conferencing tool used by the University of Nebraska and integrates with Canvas. UNL faculty, staff and students have access to the UNL Zoom service and can claim a pro license at, https://unl.zoom.us/ The UNL Zoom pro license provides users with meetings with up to 300 attendees. 
Zoom provides faculty and students a platform for collaboration and communication.  Users can video chat, text chat, share screens and content on their screen, and record meetings for later.  UNL Zoom users sign in via UNL’s SSO (Single Sign-On) and works with two-factor authentication for increased security.  Other security features Zoom offers include end-to end encryption in meetings, the ability to require users to sign in or use a custom password to join a meeting, controls to enable/disable a participant to record, and requiring pre-registration to join a meeting. Zoom also includes accessibility features like closed captioning service, automatic transcripts of meetings, and the ability to join a meeting via phone if one lacks a stable internet connection.  To learn more about how to use Zoom, go to https://its.unl.edu/services/zoom/.  That page includes contact information for support as well as additional training information. 

Get an account and Schedule a Zoom meeting

  1. Visit https://unl.zoom.us/
  2. Click “Host a meeting” and choose one of the options. Either is fine for these purposes.
  3. Log in with your My.UNL username and password.
  4. Click the prompts that come up to download the installer (“zoomusinstaller.pkg” or “zoomusinstaller.exe” or similar).
  5. Double-click the downloaded installer to open it and follow the prompts until the installation is finished.
  6. The Zoom Cloud Meetings program will open. Click the “SSO / Login with SSO” button.
  7. Type “unl” (lowercase, no punctuation) into the “Enter your company domain” box.
  8. Enter your My.UNL username and password again.
  9. Now your Zoom program is set up for hosting meetings. Click the “Schedule” button to set up a meeting that will take place in the future.
  10. In the “Schedule a new meeting” window that pops up, enter the meeting date, time, duration, etc.
  11. You may view the invitation by clicking “Meetings” at the bottom of the main Zoom window, finding the meeting in the list (if you have multiple) and clicking “copy.” Then paste the text into an email or a Word document.
  12. The “Meeting ID” you see in the list of is part of the link. You can type it in manually if you want at the end of this url: https://unl.zoom/us/meeting/[your meeting ID here

Request a Large Room or Webinar

If you anticipate more than 300 attendees, you may request for a limited time, a Large Room with room for either 500 or 1000.

If you require a Webinar, which allows different options, please fill out the request form. Once approved you will have access to the Webinar space for a limited time to schedule and design your event and then to host it.

Zoom security information

The University of Nebraska ITS COVID-19 website provides the most current Zoom security information including instructions on using passcodes or waiting rooms for Zoom meetings.

Zoom Videos for Instructors from Zoom


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