Backward Design

Backward design compels us to design and create courses based on competencies/goals (Big Ideas) and not on the books, content, or activities we were most comfortable with. Competencies and goals are the frameworks that guide our Backward Design and identify both teaching and learning experiences. Backward design is different from some of the more traditional models that start with writing learning objectives, then moves on to the planning of course content and activities, and finishes with figuring out how you will assess the students.

Backward Design is a versatile design system that can be used for whole course design, module design, workshops, training sessions, and more.

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deep diverAre you interested in learning more about Backward Design? If so, Check out the links and readings below!

Understanding by Design Framework by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggens. Download the white paper by selecting the following link UbD_WhitePaper0312 (1)

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