22 Group Work

In this section, we will be learning about online group work. To include how it works online in Canvas, how to make it work better, and what types of activities can be used for online group work successfully.

There are many types of assessments that can be completed as group projects. The majority of group projects/assignments that you use in the traditional face-to-face classroom can be used in an online course environment with a little tweaking and use of internet tools.

Group Work Ideas:

  •  Assemble presentations/multimedia content
  • Design products, programs, etc.
  • Compile information
  • Create Wiki pages
  • Synthesize articles or other information
  • Create plans
  • Create hypotheses
  • Collect information
  • Article critiques
  • Debates
  • Program/website evaluation
  • Evaluate multiple programs and recommend
  • Compare and contrast theories, programs, etc.
  • Peer editing/evaluation
  • Resolve issues
  • Case studies
  • Create a pamphlet or infographic
  • Create and deploy surveys
  • Investigate a law or policy
  • Student-generated case studies
  • Create an advertisement
  • Create a virtual field trip
  • and more…


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