29 Writing the Course Policies Section

Types of Policies

The COPH syllabus contains the UNMC ADA policy and the UNMC Academic Integrity and Professional Conduct policy. Your college/program may also have policies that are required to be in your syllabus. In addition to the required policies, there are policies that you may also want to incorporate into your syllabus.

The COPH template contains multiple policies 

  • Office hours
  • Email
  • Feedback
  • Grading
  • Telephone messages
  • Assignment
  • Attendance/participation
  • Communication
  • Discussion Board
  • Email
  • Late work

Some additional policies to consider may be:

  • Electronic Device Policy
  • Food and Drink Policy
  • Tardy/Absence Policy (student/instructor)
  • Revision of syllabus/Subject to change statement
  • Classroom recording (student/instructor)
  • Credit hour/time requirements/expectations
  • Copyright ownership of course materials (can students download your materials for personal use/commercial use?)
  • Plagiarism tools (If you check for plagiarism using software and your policies on plagiarism)
  • Emergency/Closures (what happens when the university closes)
  • Diversity
  • Title IX


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