19 Types of Multimedia Content

Announcements- Create a weekly announcement webcam video that is 5-10 minutes in length. Include information on the week ahead (overview, assignments) and/or the content last week (clarify, expand).

Recap/Overview- Create a video recap of the discussion board, weekly content, assignments, etc.

Just in Time- Create a video that explains content that was missed in class or students are having a hard time understanding.

Virtual Field Trips– Create a video field trip. Take your phone or camera with you to a place where your online students can’t go and give them a tour, demonstration, etc.

Video Lectures- Create 3-10 minute voice-over PPT lectures.

Screencasts- Demonstrate a website or software tool by creating a screen capture recording.

Interviews- Conduct and record interviews of other subject matter experts and share them with your class. This is also an excellent idea for a student assessment.

Student Videos- Don’t underestimate the power of student-created videos. Students can create video presentations, video interviews, virtual field trips, screencasts, and even just-in-time videos!


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