8 Quiz and Exam Questions – Canvas LMS

In this section, we will be learning about writing quiz and exam questions. Using the online Learning Management System to deliver quizzes, exams, and even surveys saves you time with automated grading and feedback. You can also create quiz questions with images, text, and multimedia (audio/video) unless noted below.

The Canvas Quiz questions available for your use are:

  • Multiple choice – Create a question that has multiple choices for students to select 1 correct answer from.
  • True/False – Create a question with a statement that is true or false.
  • Fill in the blank- Create a single fill-in-the-blank question. Fill in the blank questions that are not case sensitive and students will get an ‘incorrect’ if the answer is misspelled or left blank.
  • Fill in multiple blanks – Create a question that has multiple blanks for student’s responses. The question can be a sentence with blank spaces throughout or multiple questions
  • Matching – Create a text-only matching question.
  • Multiple answers– Create a question that has multiple answers. Canvas grades multiple answers by penalizing students for getting wrong answers. For example, if a student has a question (9 points total = 3 per correct answer)with 3 correct and 2 incorrect answers. If the student selects 2 correct and 1 incorrect answer they will only receive 3 points due to subtracting points for the incorrect answer.
  • Multiple dropdowns – Create a question that has multiple dropdowns for student selection. You can use this question type for Likert scale questions or questions nested in a table (example: 2 x 2 table).
  • Numerical answer- Create a question that has numbers for answers (exact answer, answer in range, and answer with precision). If you are creating questions using a mathematical formula,  you can use the Canvas math editor (Links to an external site.) in the rich text editor to create formulas and equations.
  • Essay question – Create an essay question that has a text box for student’s answers. Essay questions are not graded automatically by canvas and need to be graded. Students receive an incomplete on their grade until the instructor has graded the quiz. 
  • File upload question – Create a question that allows students to upload a file as their answer. Files types can include word/pages document, pdf, and multimedia and are graded manually.
  • Text (no question)- A text question can be used as a header, or as a preface to a quiz or a group of questions in a quiz. if you use this type of question, do not select shuffle answers on the quiz details page.
  • All question types have options in canvas for correct/ incorrect answer feedback and overall question feedback.If you are looking for more information on the types of questions and how to build them on Canvas you can access the Canvas Guides on Quizzes here


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