3 Seat time conversions for online courses

UNMC does not have a seat-time conversion policy for online learning.  When thinking about converting your in-person 3-hour lecture* into a variety of learning content, you can use the following examples as guides. They do vary but will give you an approximate idea of seat time in your classroom.

UNMC Credit Hour Policy https://wiki.unmc.edu/index.php/Credit_Hour_Definition 

*It is not recommended that you create three hours of online lectures.

Workload Calculations UCI Creighton RIT & UK RICE CURRY College
1 hour seat time = 1 hour activity N/A Three 15 minute lectures with links =1 hour N/A The exact time of lecture Ex: 1 hour = 1 hour
Video, audio, or other media N/A N/A N/A N/A Exact time of media

Ex: 15 minutes hour =15 Minutes

Reviewing lectures and exploring links N/A 20 minutes  per URL 30 minutes N/A
“Text” lecture

(PPT with no audio, handouts, etc.)

1 hour seat time = 1 hour reading 50 minutes allotted per issuance of weekly lecture notes N/A N/A N/A
Readings N/A 200 words per minute  


Textbook, new concepts, = 8 hours per page


Complex reading- 5-10 minutes per page


Less complex- 3-4 minutes per page

Assignments N/A 2 hours per assignment N/A N/A N/A
Research paper N/A 4 hours per page N/A 10 hours for 5 pages of research Approximately 30 minutes per page based on complexity  or writing
Discussion board posts 1 hour seat time = the reading of 5 other student posts + 1 completion of 1 post in response to the prompt + the response to 1 other student’s post N/A 2 hours = original post, responses to three classmates’ posts, responses to


N/A Reading posts: 1-3 minutes per post based on complexity


Composing short answer posts 5- 15 minutes


Composing complex posts 15-45 minutes

Online group work N/A N/A 1 hour per meeting N/A Time estimated by faculty
Knowledge checks/self-assessment N/A N/A 30 minutes


Quizzes/tests/surveys 1 hour seat time = 1 hour activity N/A 10 items= 1 hour N/A Estimated by instructor based on length and complexity
Exams N/A 3 hours to take the exam N/A N/A N/A
Case study N/A 4 hours per page N/A N/A N/A
Studying/prep time N/A Midterm= 10 hours

Final exam=10 hours

Quiz= 1hour




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