Transformative Learning (Mezirow)

Transformative Learning theory was developed by Sociologist Professor Jack Mezirow. The theory explains how adults learn through ‘Aha’ moments. learning takes place when a new meaning is imparted to an earlier experience or an old meaning is reinterpreted due to the ‘Aha’ moment.

The ten phases that a learner uses for perspective transformation are:

  1. Disorienting dilemma
  2. Self-examination
  3. Sense of alienation
  4. Relating discontent to others
  5. Explaining options of new behavior
  6. Building confidence in new ways
  7. Planning a course of action
  8. Knowledge to implement plans
  9. Experimenting with new roles
  10. Reintegration

The three common themes of the theory are the centrality of experience, critical reflection and rational discourse in the process of meaning structure transformation.

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