15 Task/Topic and Procedural Analysis

In this section, we will cover what a task/topic analysis and procedural analysis are and why we should complete one when designing content. The process allows you to break the content down into appropriate bite-sized chunks (microlearning) of learning as well as make sure you are teaching all that they need to know. As experts, you know your content well and may have perfected your application of the material to fit your needs. This can lead you to inadvertently leave important content or steps out that they as novices need. When you complete the analysis, you are reminded of the steps or knowledge required to teach the content. The other benefit of a task analysis is that you break down the content into content topics and teaching content. This allows you to easily chunk your materials into smaller sections that scaffold the students learning. And last but not least, you can use your analysis to build your presentation content (PPTs, Videos, documents, etc.) and make sure your assessments are aligned with the teaching content.

Complete the following reading

Click on the following link http://bit.ly/2BrXA8S and read pages 77-98 in the Designing Effective Instruction book preview.

Procedural Task Analysis http://cehdclass.gmu.edu/ndabbagh/Resources/IDKB/procedural_analysis.htm

Watch the following video.


Here are some PDF examples of a task analysis from previous students





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